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The orange dots are projects we were involved in developing between 1978 thru 2005. Select a Property from above by clicking on an orange dot.

Welcome to Kirkland Waterfront
Kirkland is one of the Northwest’s most charming towns, and is well known for its quality lifestyle and beautiful location on the eastern shore of Lake Washington. This picturesque community has the feeling of a small waterfront Mediterranean village, with its abundance of interesting shops, restaurants and pedestrian activity.

WestWater Development, “WestWater”, has been intimately involved in making Kirkland what it is today. Our vision has always been that Kirkland should be a premier urban village where people can live, work and play. WestWater has worked toward achieving this goal for the past 25 years by planning,, developing and renovating key properties in the downtown core. We believe that by creating a mix of retail, office and residential properties in close proximity we can help to foster the kind of vibrant community which Kirkland represents.

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