Sculptures in Kirkland

1. Puddle Jumpers by Glenna Goodacre
2. Centennial Fountain by James FitzGerald
3. Close Quarters by Dan Ostermiller
4. Cow and Coyote by Brad Rude
5. Swan Lake by Jacques & Mary Regat
6. Young Elephant by Sherry Salari Sander
7. Mary Dawn by George Lundeen
8. Betty Lou by Lisa Sheets
9. Mountain Comrades by Dan Ostermiller
10. Boxing Hare on Anvil by Barry Flanagan
11. Gossip by Louise McDowell
12. Hunter by Deborah Butterfield
13. Jessica, Jake and Annie by Katie Hiddleston
14. City Hall Collection including Bent Grass by Erika Carter and Aqua Detritus by Karen Perrine
15. The Rescue by Glenna Goodacre
16. Robert Frost by George Lundeen
17. Leap Frog by Prince Monyo Mihailescu-Nasturel
18. First Romance by Prince Monyo Mihailescu-Nastruel
19. Winter by Peter Skinner
20. Bounding Muledeer by Dan Ostermiller
21. Tribal Woman
22. The Yearling by Terri Malec-Ossborne
23. Reverb by Anthony Howe
24. The Carousel by Richard S. Beyer
25. The Valentine by George Lundeen


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