Glen Hiemstra

"Among the suburban towns Kirkland is doing
the best in creating a future community which combines retail with close-in living, integration of cars and pedestrians, recreation and business, and a scale and spaces which fit a mixture of ages. It will be the kind of urban village community people want to live in.

Washington CEO Magazine

Open for business, poised in a key location on the Pacific Rim, Washington State has always thrived on international trade. Edited by Jack Mayne, Jeff Bond, Monte Enbysk, Graham Fysh, Addy Hatch, Tina Hilding, Richard Horn, Stephen Maher, Jack Mayne, Michael Murphey, Joseph Rose, Carol Ryan and Rhonda Stone contributed to this report. December 1999

"Though the Eastside is largely a chain of communities joined together at their borders, each major city has maintained its own identity. Anchor city Bellevue crossed 100,000 in population last year and provides nearly 96,000 jobs, as well as an urban skyline, a plush downtown park, one of the nation’s most successful malls in Bellevue Square, and popular Bellevue Community College.

The area’s oldest city, Kirkland, remains the most attractive, with a pedestrian-friendly downtown and $1 million view condos gracing its scenic waterfront.

Kirkland has the Seattle Seahawks (for at least another year) and is the new home of Michael Kinsley, the celebrated media “cyberhunk” at Microsoft."

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