Sharry and Don Stabbert have spent their lives on, and around the waters of the Northwest. Together with their family, they have done extensive cruising from Puget Sound to Alaska. Their new vessel the Starr, is a true long range cruiser, and offers them the ability to travel beyond the Northwest, along the Pacific coast to Mexico and further south. A trip across the Pacific to the Marquesas Islands is planned for the upcoming months.  

The Starr has a full time crew, Rob and Donna, who have been with the boat for about 3 years now. They oversee all parts of the operation of the boat, and share in the skippering, maintaining, navigating, provisioning, cooking, and communications, along with the Stabberts.

When Sharry and Don are back in Kirkland, Rob and Donna will often cruise the Starr to a new location, where the Stabberts will meet the boat as they return.


The Starr is 75′ long, 21′ wide, has a 6’9" draft and weighs about 100 tons, or 200,000 pounds. It holds 4000 gallons of fuel, 1000 gallons of fresh water (it can also make its own fresh water), and uses about 1 gallon of fuel per mile. Starr has a single Cummins 480 hp diesel engine, two diesel generators, and a walk-in engine room with a work bench.

The lower level includes the engine room, two guest rooms, the master stateroom and the crew’s stateroom, moving from aft to front. Each room has its own head. The main level has a salon, galley and raised pilothouse. The top level has an area for a skiff and kayaks, two hydraulic davits and a flybridge control area.

Click here to see a larger view of boat drawings.


The Starr is equipped with a variety of communications and navigation equipment, with multiple antennas arrayed on the central mast of its upper deck. A new satellite dome was recently added that improves long range telecommunications and allows e-mail messaging to and from the boat.

From its upper deck, Starr can launch its rowing skiff, shoreboat or kayaks, for exploring shallow areas, fishing, diving, or visiting remote beaches. The aft swim step provides an easy entry into the small craft, or a place to dive in and take a swim.


Guests visiting the Starr sometimes arrive by seaplane, or shore boat, or can meet the Starr at a dock, where fuel and provisions can also be taken on board.

Accommodations on the boat are spacious and comfortable, with a completely furnished galley, dining area and adjoining salon. Up a few steps in the pilothouse, there’s a u-shaped booth and table behind the helm, where guests can join the skipper, and a day bed above the booth for relaxing and reading.



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